Levor Flooring Installation Instructions

Standard engineered hardwood flooring techniques can be used to install Levor Flooring tiles. Professional installation is strongly recommended.

Levor Mosaic Installation Instructions

Download Mosaic Installation Instructions
Step 1

1. a. Before installation, make sure the surface onto which Levor Mosaic tiles will be installed is clean and dry. Use a non-water based urethane wood flooring adhesive with moisture vapor protection. The tiles, surface, and adhesive should remain at a stable temperature > 65°F (18°C) from 48 hours before to 24 hours after installation.

b. Following the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions, apply the adhesive to the surface by using a notched trowel.

Step 2

2. a. Place the tiles onto the spread adhesive and gently push them into the adhesive until all the tiles lie evenly.

b. Use standard tile spacers to separate the tiles and tile sheets.

Step 3

3. a. Use a non-sanded grout to fill in the seams. The grout can be applied after the adhesive has dried (Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s guidance – usually 24 hours).

b. Holding the grout float at a 45-degree angle, press grout diagonally into joints ensuring joints are filled evenly and completely. Remove all excess grout from tiles by holding float at a 90-degree angle and drawing it diagonally across the tiles.

Step 4

4. For best results, wait until the grout begins to harden and is no longer tacky to the touch (approx. 10 minutes) before beginning clean up of the grout. Do not wait longer than 40 minutes.

Step 5

5. a. To clean, use a sponge dampened with clean, warm water. Clean and re-dampen the sponge frequently. Take care to wring out excess water from the sponge.

b. Wipe the tile surface with the damp sponge in a light, circular motion to smooth the joints and clean the grout film. Take care not to remove grout from the seams. Clean the sponge frequently.

Step 6

6. a. Once the grout has dried (approximately 24 hours), the tiles may have a slight haze on their surface. Clean the tiles gently with a damp cloth, taking care to avoid using excess water.

b. Immediately after, buff gently with a dry cloth.