Mosaic Wood Tile Importers

Clients are always looking for something new and different. You never want to disappoint your customers, and it can be painful when you have nothing new and exciting to offer them.

This is why we are proud to supply our unique European wood tiles to designers, architects, and distributors who are looking for exciting new mosaic wood tiles that provide a novel, dramatic, and refined appearance.

Levor mosaic wood tiles are handcrafted from European wood and available in a wide range of shapes and colors to achieve brilliant accents and effects. They can easily be combined with ceramic tiles for unique effects and are attached to a mesh backing, to conform to the contours of the underlying surface. Our tiles can be installed on walls, columns, staircases, and as flooring.

Levor tiles are hand-made from sustainably-sourced European wood, and finished with Osmo wax-oil made from natural, vegetable-based ingredients. The Osmo wax-oil finish protects the natural beauty of the wood, and also renders it moisture resistant.

We can also provide clients with unfinished mosaic tiles by special request. Our wood tiles earned an ASTM Class B flame spread rating, making them safe for virtually all commercial and residential projects.

Levor is a leading mosaic wood tile importer, with the highest quality selection of European mosaic wood tiles. We are currently looking for relationships with distributors, designers and architects. For more information please call Michael Talis, 858-637-9045 or fill out our short form.